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Independent/freelance translation services, from Japanese to English or English to Japanese, are available at reasonable costs to those wishing to translate books, magazine articles, documents, letters, emails, web pages, manga or anime, video or DVD narration and dialogue, etc. Nichigetsukai specializes in translation, transcription, transliteration, proof reading and editing of Japanese martial arts (modern and classical) and related history, manga and anime, immigration documents, and general conversational Japanese/English language.

Fees for services are generally established on a case by case basis. Formatted translations (includes placement of images and layout) are also available for an additional cost, as are transliteration and consulting services. See the samples below for examples of (formatted) translations.

Translation Samples

  • Sample 1: [Japanese Original] - .pdf format => [English Translation] - .html format. Two-page Japanese swordsmanship book translation.

  • Sample 2: [Japanese Original] - .pdf format => [English Translation] - .pdf format. Four-page manga book translation.

  • Sample 3: [Japanese Original] - .pdf format => [English Translation] - .pdf format. One page translation entry for DHC Sogo Kyoiku Kenkyu-jo: Honyaku Shinjinsho.

    Relevant Background

    The principal translators include a native English speaker and a native Japanese speaker working in collaboration to ensure accurate results. The Nichigetsukai also has access to a number of highly qualified consultants, as well as private research collections and libraries. Translators and consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in both classical Japanese martial arts (koryu bujutsu) and modern Japanese martial arts (gendai budo), as well as years of translation experience.

    Professional services rendered include:

    "Hakko-ryu Yondan Hiden", by Okuyama Ryuho. Translation of first section of book.

    Client = [client withheld], 2012.

    " Sagawa Yukiyoshi Sensei-den: Daito-ryu Aiki no Shinjitsu", by Takahashi Masaru. Translation of 150 pages of the book.

    Client = Giles Coverdale, 2010.

    "Keishi-ryu Kidachi Kata", by Chiba Hitoshi and Sato Yasuji. Translated article published in "Kendo Nippon" magazine, in September of 1999 (No. 283).

    Client = David E. Somers, 2009.

    "Fujita Seiko: The Last Koga Ninja", by Phillip T. Hevener. Translated several documents related to "Nanban Satto-ryu" for book publication.

    Client = Phillip T. Hevener, 2004.

    "Araki-ryu Kempo". Rough translation of several transmission documents

    Client = Ellis Amdur, 2004-2005.

    "Transparent Power: A Secret Teaching Revealed - The Extraordinary Martial Artist Yukiyoshi Sagawa", by Tatsuo Kimura. Extensive translation and transliteration services, consisting of approximately 75% of the book (141 pages, not including appendix articles).

    Client = Seiden Daito-ryu Aikibujutsu SoHonbu (Kimura Tatsuo), 2003-2007.

    "Naginata Handbook: Gakka Mondai Kaisetsu", by Zaidan Hojin Zen Nihon Naginata Renmei. Translation and private publication services. Handbook; fifty-seven pages.

    Client = Southern California Naginata Federation, 2003.

    "Publication in America - 'Battojutsu'" , by Nakamura Taizaburo. Translation and internet publication services from the book "Battodo", by Nakamura Taizaburo. Book selection; two pages.

    Client = Kokusai Toyama Ryu Federation, 2001.

    "Shinkendo: Japanese Swordsmanship", by Toshishiro Obata. Extensive editorial, publishing, and transliteration services, as well as contributions of original material. Book; 177 pages.

    Client = International Shinkendo Federation, 1999.

    Disclaimer and Contact

    All translation requests will be considered, and estimates will be based on samples provided (faxed, scanned or mailed). However, be advised that a handwritten, 200-year-old Japanese martial art scroll is going to be far more time consuming and expensive to translate than the average manga book!

    The burden of any translations that are used in conflict with previously established copyrights or trademarks falls solely upon the client. Nichigetsukai DOES NOT take any responsibility for the misuse of translated materials. Please use such information sensibly and responsibly. Furthermore, Nichigetsukai reserves the right to decline any request or proposal with or without reason.

    Please feel free to contact us at the email address below, or by phone at (323) 821-8730 for further information.

    Please send correspondences to
    N. Scott and T. Iio

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